Wet filling

After the apples and pears have been sorted on the sorting machine, they are usually filled again into large boxes. After this step, which is called pre-sorting, the goods are packed into smaller sizes and packages at the retailer. During refilling, as with wet emptying, the focus is on particularly gentle filling of the large crates. Here, too, filling in water has become the standard. After sorting, the apples fall into water channels at the respective exit. An apple size is assigned to each outlet. The fruits are stored in the channels until the preset filling quantity is reached. The apples can be stored in the channels next to each other (long channels) or in layers (below each other). When the preset quantity is reached, the channel opens and the fruit is fed to the water filler (Palm Vortex Hydro filler) floating through the artificial flow. The principle of filling has evolved from a suction bell with vacuum pump to a hydro crate filler. The hydro crate filler names Vortex by Palm is the gentlest solution of wet filling for apples and pears. For smaller plants, dynamic assignment of outlets is available. In this case, the machine automatically searches for the next free channel.


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