Wet dumping

After harvesting by hand, the sensitive fruits are sorted. Nowadays, this is done on modern sorting machines, which classify the products (fruit, vegetables) according to various parameters. The particularly efficient and fruit-friendly emptying of apples and pears from large crates into water (water emptying) has become standard in modern production plants. In this process, the large crate is immersed in a water basin and, if necessary, also turned (time saving). Due to the lower density of apples, they float in the water. The apples floating in the water float through the artificially generated current (by means of a pump) via stainless steel water channels in the direction of the next process step (to the downstream dryer). In this way, sorting machines and packaging lines can be fed continuously, with a large quantity of fruit, and in a way that is gentle on the fruit. A solution for pears is also available here.


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