Sorting belts, fruit dryers


The Palm Systems dryer is used for gentle drying of wet products (apples, pears, cherries) after discharging them into water. The drying process is integrated directly between the water discharge and the sorting/packing/separating line. The fruits are turned on special sponges and thus dried from each side. The sponges absorb the water on the fruit and thus become full. On the bottom of the dryer, the sponges are wrung out and the absorbed water can be collected. The products move across the dryer due to the constant influx of new fruit. The new fruits force old fruits on the dryer to move further. In addition, rollers with brushes are placed at the entrance of the dryer, which gently brush the products and free them from leaves and other.


Gentle drying of wet fruits

Sponge and brush rollers

Sponge rolls are wrung out on the bottom side

Length and width are adjusted to customer needs

Height adjustable

Intelligent design for easy maintenance

All materials made of stainless steel

Scraper to remove the last fruits

Optional: upstream waterfall to remove leaves and the like

Optional: leaf belt

Selection belt

Sorting belts are used for manual pre-sorting/selecting or final inspection of fruits and vegetables. The fruits rotate on rubber rollers over the belt, which enables a qualification from all sides. Fruit of inferior quality or rejects can be easily sorted out with conveyor belts below and above the sorting belt. Up to four operators can select on each sorting belt (two on each side).


Rotating 360° rollers (lockable)

The belt is fully illuminated from above (splash-proof fluorescent lamps)

Speed: infinitely variable

Scrap belt at the bottom (scrap is disposed in two scrap channels per side)

2nd goods (B-goods) conveyor belt above

Rigid or movable (rocker) inlets and outlets

Length and width are adapted to the customer's needs

Height adjustable

Intelligent design for easy maintenance

Different models available (for apples, grapes, cherries and vegetables)

Emergency stop button (on each side)

Material: stainless steel and food grade rubber rollers


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