Hot-water processing

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  • Reduces storage rot (Gloeosporium fungi) and fruit scab in apples

  • Apples are immersed in water at about 50°C for 30 seconds

  • Gentle feeding and passing through the hot water bath

  • Particularly suitable for organic and Demeter cultivation, as only hot water is used (process recognized by organic standards)

  • Also suitable for conventional fruit cultivation

  • No synthetic fungicides and therefore environmentally friendly

  • The Palm hot water solution can be integrated into the already existing sorting process

  • No additional effort or increase in cycle time (no bottleneck process)

  • Our proven "in-line" dipping process requires less energy and is even more efficient than the conventional hot water dipping process

  • No impairment of the inner fruit quality

  • Acidity and sugar content as well as flesh firmness are preserved


Research project of the Max Rubner Institute (Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food) in Karlsruhe.

Title: „Beeinflusst eine Heißwasserbehandlung die Qualität von Äpfeln?“

Research project 02OE213 of the Federal Research Institute for Nutrition (BFE) in Karlsruhe. Publisher: Office of the Federal Organic Farming Program at the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in Bonn.

Title: „Bekämpfung der Gloeosporium-Fruchtfäule an ökologisch produzierten Äpfeln – Optimierung einer Heisswassertauchanlage.“


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