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The Palm Vortex water bin filler with short channels forms the advancement of the first generation of wet filling of bulk crates with apples and pears. The buffering with short channels is achieved by stacking several layers of fruit on top of each other. This is achieved by a precisely adapted water flow. The length of the water channel is reduced to nearly 66%. Thus, extremely short water/buffer channels can be used with a length of less than 4 meters.


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  • High performance with high savings potential in pre-sorting (as opposed to the conventional dry bin filling)
  • The buffering with short channels is realized by stacking several layers of fruits
  • Extremely short water storage channels < 4 m
  • Storage capability ca. 300 kg plus 50 kg in the holding section
  • Very gentle and fruit friendly filling of the crates with a fill rate of between 8.000-10.000 kg per hour
  • The water bin filler is supported by a fully automatic gantry robot
  • The filled bins are stored above the storage channels in size or grade order and allow for drip water to be collected
  • High savings in the needed working space for the machines
  • Solution suitable for apples and pears