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Drei verschiedene Bilder mit Nassbefüllungen und Wasserkanälen mit Äpfeln

After the apples and pears have been sorted on the sorting machine, they are usually filled in crates again. After this step, which is called pre-sorting, the packaging of the goods into smaller sizes and packages takes place at the dealer. During the filling, a particularly gentle filling of the large crates is needed, as is the same case with wet dumping. Here water filling has become the standard, too. After the sorting process on the sorting machines the apples fall into water channels at the respective exit. An apple size is assigned to each exit. The fruits are stored in the channels until the preset filling quantity is reached. The apples can be stored side-by-side (long channels) or in layers (below each other) in the channels. Once the set quantity is reached, the channel opens and the fruits are fed to the water filler (Palm Vortex hydro bin filler) by the artificial water flow. The principle of filling has developed from a suction cup with a vacuum pump to a hydraulic crate filler. The hydro bin filler from Palm called Vortex is the most gentle solution of wet filling for apples and pears. A dynamic assignment of the exits is available for smaller systems, so the machine searches for the next free channel automatically.