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The purpose of the dryer unit from Palm Systems is to dry the wet products (apples, pears, cherries) after the dumping process (into the water). The drying process is directly integrated between the wet bin dumping and sorting/pacing machines or sorting tables. The fruits are rotated on special sponges and thus dried from every side. The sponges consume the water from the fruits and become saturated. On the underside, the sponges are wrung out and the consumed water can be collected. The products move forward on the dryer thru the constant feeding of new fruits. The new fruits force the old fruits on the dryer to go on. Additionally, there are rolls with brushes mounted on the entrance of the dryer to gently brush the products to clean the fruits from leaves and other stuff.


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  • Gentle drying of wet fruits
  • Sponge and brush rolls
  • Sponge rolls are wrung on the underside of the dryer
  • Length and width are customized to the best fitting for the customer
  • Height adjustable
  • Intelligent construction and design for easy maintenance
  • All materials are stainless steel
  • Construction to transport the last fruits when sorting is finished
  • Optional: waterfall to remove leaves and other stuff, mounted in front of the dryer
  • Optional: leaf belt to transport the leaves out of the water
Tags: dryer / dryer unit / drying fruits / apple dryer / fruit dryer