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Three pictures of water bin dumpers and Palm Logo

PALM Systems situated in Hamburg-Neuenfelde is part of the family enterprise PALM Landmaschinen, designer, manufacturer, installer of fruit grading machinery, wet flume fruit infeed and refilling systems.


Since 2009 PALM Systems is at the forefront of developing intellegant, sensitive fruit handling infeed systems for a variety of fruit needs in the agricultural sector.


Situated in the „Old Land“ the company operates in the midst of the concentrated fruit growing region and has extensive experience of the needs within the agricultural sector. PALM Systems builds and programmes wet and dry bin tippers for deciduous fruit as well as wet bin fillers and offers full sorting, grading solutions, including packaging and tray filling options, palletizers for apples and pears. Our team of experienced design and layout technicians, in collaboration with specialist grader builders ELISAM and optic software producers ELLIPS will design, supply and install optimum grading solutions. PALM Systems represents years of experience, pioneering ideas and robust quality and onsite service and support.


What can we do for you? Contact us on +49 40 745 93 14