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With the Gantry Tipper (suitable for apples and pears) fruits are fast, easy and continuously supplied to the sorting station, gently with water flumes. In addition, the fruit can be rinsed via nozzles with fresh water.


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  • Infeed stacking for 2, 3 or 4 bulk bins (higher versions possible)
  • With infeed buffer conveyer 2 x 3 bins (higher versions possible)
  • Inline dryer with brushing and foam rollers 1900 or 2500 mm
  • Stainless Steel dump tank 1500x1500 mm
  • Stainless Steel flumes section lengths 350, 700, 1050,1380 and 1500 mm wide
  • Stainless Steel curved flume sections
  • Dryer on the buffer tank with continuous fruit feed ability (inverter; see also: Dryer)
  • Stable Gantry unit for infeed destacking, submerging and restacking of the bins
  • Drip water collection below the emptied bin station
  • Fruit flow controlled by inline finger roll and integrated automated leaf remover
  • Rotating bin delivery options up to 70 bins per hour (see here also our option for the US market: Mammoth Portal)
  • Optional: weighing device for bins with printer



  • Easy operation thru colour screen touch panel
  • All aspects of time and motion are adjustable
  • The unit operates in full automatic mode but should it be required, each step can be manually operated
  • With the aid of on screen fault messages the operator is capable of diagnosing errors
  • On screen info messages alert the operator to operational messages, example: no bins available
  • Statistical information is on hand to oversee current operation speed, as well as historical and total throughput
  • Utilizing the most modern Ethernet based bus technology, cabling is reduced to a minimum
  • The majority of connectors are M12 to prevent wiring connection errors upon replacement
  • Internet connection thru to our online service center for online assistance is encouraged
Tags: water dumping / water unloading / bin unloading / portal water dumping / gantry tipper / portal robot / grading