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The chain conveyers of PALM Systems are mainly used in combination with water dumping (gantry tipper) and wet fillers (vortex filling). Here, pallets and (large) bins are used for the infeed of the machines. Thus, boxes filled with fruits (apples, pears and others) are automatically transported to the dumping process and empty bins are dispatched. Since this process runs automatically and several bins can be stored, savings can be expected in this area. Of course, our chain tracks can also be used and adapted for any other task.



  • For the transport of heavy goods/pallets/crates (bins)
  • For loading and transporting full and empty crates and bins to the wet dumping and filling machines
  • Modular construction: simplex/duplex/triplex chains possible
  • Adjustable chain tension
  • Special profiles made of plastic for chain guidance
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel frame
  • Length and width are customized to the pallets/bins and requirements
  • The load capacity and conveying speed are designed according to the requirements
  • Height adjustable
  • Including detection of pallets / crates
  • Controllable via a central touch panel
  • Reliable components made in Germany
  • Speed: stepless controllable