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Palm Systems offers conveyor belts for every area. We are specialized in the field of foodstuffs: fruit (core, stone, berry, bowl, tropical fruits and wild fruit) and vegetables. We have a lot of experience with apples, pears, cherries and nuts. However, we also find an optimal solution (for example, piece goods or similar) outside of our specialization for your requirements.



  • Flat belts
  • Slope belts
  • Curve belts
  • Step conveyor
  • Plastic modular belts (Battery Belt)
  • Rubber conveyor belt
  • Custom build



  • Different belt variants are possible (standard belt, corrugated edge belt, slatted belt, nap belt, fan belt, hole belt)
  • Food-safe variants possible
  • Different belt colors
  • Stainless, varnished or galvanized steel
  • High quality and reliable motors and components in general (made in Germany)
  • Length and width are customized
  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Drive via gearwheel or drum
  • Speed: stepless controllable (optional)
  • Optional: emergency stop button, charging hopper, lateral guidance (adjustable), power sockets, sensors
  • Optional: with trampoline at the belt entrance for very delicate infeed