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Hot Water Treatment to protect the apples from rotting in the storage


As a result of infestation with bitter rot, up to 50% of the apples can rot in the warehouse before being marketed. The use of synthetic fungicides is strictly forbidden in organic fruit cultivation, which makes the fruit more susceptible to rotting (compared to integrated fruit cultivation). To combat the so-called Gloeosporium fungi, PALM Systems has developed a machine that can be easily integrated into the existing sorting process: before storage, the apples are passed through a hot water bath to kill putrid pathogens and fungal spores on the surface of the apples. This short-term hot water treatment can reduce fruit rot and scab! The quality is not affected and it is an organic guidelines-approved procedure.


  • Reduces putrefaction (Gloeosporium mushrooms) and fruit scab in apples
  • The apples are immersed in approx. 50 ° C water for 30 seconds
  • Gentle feeding and running through the hot water bath
  • Particularly suitable for Bio and Demeter, as only hot water is used (method recognized according to organic guidelines)
  • No synthetic fungicides and therefore environmentally friendly
  • The Palm hot water solution can be integrated into the existing sorting process
  • No additional effort respectively no increase in cycle time (no bottleneck process)
  • Our proven "In-Line" immersion process requires less energy and is even more efficient than the conventional hot water immersion process
  • No impact on the internal fruit quality
  • Acid and sugar content as well as pulp strength are retained


      Research project of the Max Rubner-Institut (Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food) in Karlsruhe.

      Title: „Does a hot water treatment affect apple quality?"


      Research project 02OE213 of the Federal Research Center for Nutrition (BFE) in Karlsruhe. Publisher: Office of the Federal Organic Farming Program at the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in Bonn.

      Title: "Reduction of the Gloeosporium rot on organically produced apples – optimization of a hot water dipping plant."