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Palletizer with roller conveyor and crate supply


The PALM Palletizer was developed to automatically stack boxes on pallets. The palletizer can process any type of pallet or box as well as different sizes. The boxes are stored in layers on the pallets and positioned exactly. The palletizer is quick and easy to set up and operate. Different stacking patterns and stacking heights can be set using the touch panel.


  • Capable to operate with different machine layouts
  • Easy to use with automatic control via touch panel
  • Equipped with a safety fall system
  • Works with all common types of boxes
  • Cart and pallet types: wood, plastic, cardboard
  • Automatic height detection
  • Very low maintenance effort since special rollers (VulkollanĀ®) and toothed belts are installed
  • Speed: up to 960 boxes per hour
  • Max. Layers per minute: 4